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4th Quarterly Meeting in Friedrichsdorf

On the occasion of the 4th quaterly meeting of the research and development project "DEKOR-X (Decentralised Communication at Intersections)", on January 23rd, 2024, the consortium met at Valeo Telematik und Akustik GmbH in Friedrichsdorf. In the presence of Dr. Jannis Oelmann of the project funding administration TÜV Rheinland, the project partners presented the project’s current progress and shared the most important results.  

In live demos, Valeo, Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Chemnitz University of Technology demonstrated V2X communication using TCUs, the sending and receiving of CAM messages and the visualization of received data. The participants were thus given a first insight into how communication between the vehicles in the project can be secure and reliable.  

The next step is to create the conditions for further testing these concepts in reallife traffic scenarios. 


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